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Welcome to the second edition of Our Future Agenda Digital Magazine for the year, as we approach the Summit of the Future this September.

This issue is particularly special as it casts a spotlight on the opportunities and future challenges faced by young countries that host a big proportion of current and future generations across Asia and Africa.

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In this edition, we've explored stories across young countries where young people currently make up 50-80% of the population – highlighting the change driven by this powerful demographic.

We'll dive into the important role of climate activists on the frontlines. Young people and local communities are stepping up to benefit all generations and to protect our future and our planet, whether it's young people in Germany and the USA challenging laws to make sure the planet's safe or Indigenous communities in Nicaragua and Kenya pushing for sustainable practices.

This edition also sees us examine how both cultural figures like Beyoncé and local stars like multidisciplinary artist Osheen Siva are using their platforms to foster societal change. These cultural narratives are essential, showcasing how art can profoundly influence public perception and drive societal progress.

Through all of these diverse threads, the aim of this edition is to inspire: policymakers, activists, storytellers, and global citizens alike. As we move towards high-level discussion like the Summit of the Future, our collective effort should focus on crafting policies that are not only reactive but deeply proactive.

Together, let’s leverage the insights from this magazine to champion a world that truly values and utilizes the potential of its youngest voices. Join us in shaping a future that honors every generation with the promise of a thriving, sustainable world.

Four Chapters

1. Who Are Future Generations?

This chapter explores the global demographic trends and the rise of Asia and Africa where most people are under 30 and where the majority of future generations will reside. These "young countries" are pivotal as they hold the key to our common future.

It calls for leaders to implement youth-focused, long-term strategies that address both immediate needs and future priorities, stressing the role of young people in shaping the future.

2. On the Frontlines: Local Action for the Future

Focusing on grassroots movements driven by young and Indigenous communities, particularly in the Global South, this section unpacks how local actions are linked to delivering the SDGs and preparing for the future. It highlights stories like Indonesia's Bye Bye Plastic Bags, illustrating the power of local, bottom-up action to drive progress and protect future generations.

3. Our Stories: Beyonce's Lyrics to Osheen's Murals

Hey, ever thought about how pop culture can totally shake things up in society? This chapter dives into how big names like Beyoncé and local artists like Osheen Siva are using their platforms to flip the script on gender equality and social justice. It explores about Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter and Osheen Siva's art, showing how they're getting people talking and changing how we see gender and the future.

4. Summit of the Future: From Vision to Action

Imagine a world where every decision we make today builds a better future. This is vision for the Pact for the Future to be launched at the UN Summit of the Future.

This chapter explores the Rev 1 Draft Pact for the Future, the UN Civil society Conference in Nairobi, the imPACT Coalition for Future Generations, and the Engine Room for the Future - initiatives designed to make sure young people and future generations aren't left hanging.

It highlights how important it is for countries to work together and come up with smart policies to tackle big issues like climate change, resource use, and intergenerational equity.

17 National Town Halls

This year, across 17 countries, young people and future generations are having their voices engaged, empowered and elevated in a series of Intergenerational Town Halls.

These locally led events are uniquely designed to address the challenges and opportunities specific to their host country.

Want to join us? Find out if there's an event happening near you!

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