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Your Summit of the Future guide for intergenerational cooperation

Imagine a world where young people under 30, who today represent half of its population are at the forefront of shaping our future.

That's what the Summit of the Future, happening in September 2024, is all about.

But it's more than just a global gathering. It's an intergenerational movement fueled by the United Nations to bring us all together, to think, plan, and act for the future, making sure young people are leading the charge.

Together, We're Building a Brighter Future

The Summit of the Future is our answer to a global call for stronger collaboration and trust. Led by the UN Secretary-General, it's our bold vision to tackle today's challenges head-on, with an eye on the future. The highlight?

A groundbreaking Pact for the Future, bridging the gaps of today's solutions and laying down a solid foundation for human rights, gender equality, and digital collaboration.

It's our pledge to the world's future generations - ensuring a fair, sustainable world for all.

Young People at the Helm: Designers of the future

Here's a startling fact: 70% of young people live in countries where debt outweighs investment in their futures, and countless youth-led initiatives operate on shoestring budgets of less than $1000 a year.

Fast forward to the future, the year 2100, when Africa becomes the home to half of the global youth population. This isn't just a future possibility; it's a definitive call to action for us, here and now. The investments we make today are not just for the immediate needs but are critical for nurturing the dreams and potentials of future generations.

The Summit isn't just recognizing young people as beneficiaries but as crucial changemakers in the fight for the future. We need to turn up the volume on young voices, advocating for social justice, climate action, and innovation.

Your Call to Action: Shape the Future with Us

As we step into the 21st century, the Summit invites us to reimagine the United Nations as the driving force for humanity, equipped to tackle current and future challenges through intergenerational collaboration.

Our Future Agenda program is a call to action, spotlighting the challenges young people face and empowering them to lead the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With efforts like the Unlock the Future coalition and the Engine Room for the Future, we're rallying a global force of young visionaries ready to make a difference.

Join the movement

Engine Room for the Future

Where Ideas Ignite Action

Your digital launchpad for making waves in global change that brings together leading experts and young changemakers.

With features like Engine Room Pitstops, Spotlights, and Action Groups, we're connecting you to the heart of innovation that links the 5Ps of the SDGs to the future, like people, prosperity, planet, peace, and partnerships.

Aligning Visions for the Pact

+170 Child, Youth, and Future-Focused Organizations

On December 31, 2023, the Zero Draft of the Pact for the Future received a groundswell of input.

This analysis provides a crisp summary of the top proposals from over 170 organizations focused on children, young people, and the future. It showcases their ambition to ensure global policies are inclusive, forward-thinking, and fair, truly reflecting the voices of youth and future generations.

Our Future Agenda Quarterly

Thought-provoking policy insights

Designed to offer crisp, thought-provoking policy insights to readers, with more in-depth content for those wishing to delve deeper. Our mission is to amplify the voices of the next generation, bridging the gap between youthful innovators and global policymaking.

In the lead up to the Summit of the Future and beyond, our digital magazine delivers insightful political commentary, comprehensive analysis, and compelling narratives, emerging as a crucial resource for anyone dedicated to understanding and participating in these vital global conversations. 

Our Common Agenda Decoded

A Blueprint for the Future

Our Common Agenda Decoded offers a clear, accessible guide to understanding the United Nations Secretary-General's vision in Our Common Agenda.

We decode each of the agenda's key components, from enhancing youth engagement and digital cooperation. It's your go-to resource for grasping how Our Common Agenda will influence the future of our societies, economies, and planet.

Key Dates

Your Timeline to Impact

Here are the global moments and opportunities for you to engage, contribute, and make a difference:

21 February, 10AM-1PM ET: Virtual civil society consultation to share feedback on the Zero Draft of the Pact for the Future. A critical moment for voices from around the globe to influence the future’s blueprint.

26 February: Deadline for Member States to submit written inputs for the Declaration on Future Generations. Your advocacy can influence national positions and commitments.

End of March: Release of the First Draft of the Declaration on Future Generations. A significant milestone in formalizing the global commitment to future generations.

2 April, 9-11AM ET: Launch of the Engine Room for the Future, an intergenerational platform to mobilize young people for the Summit of the Future. Be part of the launch that sets the stage for youth-led global change.

16-18 April: ECOSOC Youth Forum, an essential gathering for young leaders to discuss, debate, and drive the 2030 agenda forward. 9-11 May: UN Civil Society Conference in Nairobi, a key event for civil society organizations to engage with the UN on pressing global issues.

Partner Spotlights

Together, We're Stronger: Celebrating Our Partners

Behind every leap toward the future, there's a network of incredible partners, each bringing unique strengths, visions, and actions to the table.

From global organizations driving change at an unprecedented scale to grassroots initiatives making tangible impacts in their communities, our partners are the heartbeat of the Summit.

Here, we shine a light on their stories, successes, and how they're contributing to a future that's inclusive, sustainable, and bright.

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Connect, Contribute, and Collaborate

Your voice matters in shaping a future that's inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant - and we're here to listen and engage.

Whether you represent an organization focused on the welfare of young people and future generations or are passionate about global governance and sustainable development, your insights can help steer the direction of our collective journey.

Join the Conversation via the Engine Room for the Future. Engage with leaders and connect with fellow visionaries.

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