As we delve further into the uncharted realms of the cosmos, your insight and input in the discussion of space governance becomes increasingly valuable.

This Policy Brief accentuates the crucial role that you, the youth, play in framing this essential conversation. It's a rallying call to ensure that peace, sustainability, and inclusivity are at the heart of space exploration.

Our journeys into space have consequences that resonate across star systems and generations, from the interstellar communications that unite us to the potential of asteroid mining that could revolutionize resource management.

However, the growing utilization of space brings new dimensions of potential conflicts and rivalries.

Our collective decisions today will determine the protocols that govern space for the generations to come. Several key actions have been proposed in the brief to tackle these issues effectively:

Embrace the speed of innovation

As the space arena welcomes more participants, governance must adapt to keep pace.

Space exploration is no longer limited to governments; commercial entities and civil society now play significant roles in space activities, from launching satellites to envisioning colonies on distant planets.

Their involvement brings fresh perspectives but also new challenges, requiring a reevaluation of our current space governance frameworks.

Champion Diversity

Just like the Force, space governance should be inclusive of all beings.

However, like many STEM fields, the space sector has traditionally been male-dominated, and it's time we championed equality in space governance.

This involves not only encouraging girls and young women to pursue aerospace careers but also guaranteeing their representation when critical decisions are made.

Establish a Universal Framework

It is vital to establish intergalactic norms, rules, and principles to prevent space from becoming the next battleground.

This includes initiating negotiations for a treaty that prohibits the arms race in outer space.

Promote Inclusive Governance

Updating governance mechanisms to include non-governmental organizations and non-governmental players in decision-making processes, acknowledging their growing influence in space activities.

Advocate for Gender Equality

UN entities are urged to expedite efforts to promote equal participation of women in the aerospace sector, including endorsing STEM education for girls and collaborating with the private sector.

Bolster UN Collaboration

A united front is crucial.

There is a call to enhance collaboration among UN entities to improve their data-sharing, capacity-building, and procurement of space-based information, ensuring that space assets are efficiently utilized to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Your participation and contribution in shaping space governance are pivotal.

As the leaders of today and tomorrow, your ideas, zeal, and foresight will help shape the international frameworks that will guide humanity's future in space.

It's time for you to rise, let your voices be heard, and contribute to shaping an outer space future that is peaceful, sustainable, and inclusive.

So, may the Force be with you as we boldly venture into the future because the destiny of outer space governance starts now!

If you enjoyed our decoded version of the Our Common Agenda Policy Brief and want to delve into more detail on the recommendations for the future of outer space governance, you can immerse yourself in the full policy brief here.

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