Let's dive into the significance of the proposed Emergency Platform and why it matters to you and the dynamic, young countries of the world.

The Emergency Platform is our survival kit, tailored to equip us with the skills, accountability, and spirit of leadership that we need to face any storm that comes our way.

Proposed by the Secretary-General in the wake of COVID-19, the Platform is not an entity of its own, but a set of protocols that can be activated to help counteract complex global crises.

Future Preparedness

As the leaders of tomorrow, this platform is all about equipping you to handle the crises of today and beyond.

From pandemics to climate disasters, the Emergency Platform is geared up to respond to global shocks that could shape your future.

It's about building a resilient global community that's ready to face whatever comes our way.

Sustainable Development

Global shocks threaten progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These goals are key to ensuring a prosperous future for young people and nations.

The Emergency Platform aligns with the SDGs, as targeting issues like poverty eradication, gender equality, and peace promotion is essential to reducing the impact of global shocks.

Solidarity in crisis

The platform ensures that no one is left behind when global shocks hit.

Promoting an international response based on inclusion, equity, and solidarity protects the interests of young, developing nations and promotes a fairer, more inclusive global society.

Multisectoral Response

This isn't just about putting out fires but preventing them.

The platform proposes a comprehensive approach to managing global shocks, considering their long-term impacts across global health, economy, and education sectors.

Skills for the Future

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in! By providing a space for everyone who has a stake in the future, from institutions to individuals, the platform opens up opportunities for young people to get involved in solving global issues.


The platform holds everyone accountable for their commitments, fostering a culture of responsibility and integrity.

It's about showing young people and young countries that everyone has a role in shaping the world's future.

Respect for Sovereignty

The platform respects each country's unique development journey and political independence.

It ensures that young nations can participate without fear of losing their autonomy, promoting a balanced and respectful international response.

Inspiration for Global Leadership

The platform offers a glimpse into the power of unified global action.

It's a source of inspiration for young people to become future leaders who uphold values of solidarity, equity, and accountability.

The Emergency Platform is essential for navigating the increasingly complex landscape of global shocks.

It's about safeguarding the present and future of young people and emerging nations in an interconnected world.

So, let's embrace it, and together, we'll build a resilient, inclusive, and prosperous future.

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